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Sunday, May 23, 2010

dmsc govchal summer 2010 virtual inst.: the long now...part 2

Here we are: college is out, graduation's either last week or this week.

Ol' Thought Coach just returned from huddle up at U.Va. in Charlottesville.

On the way up we worked with SATO scholars David Currie and Karen King in Johnson City, TN at East Tennessee State University.

Setting up the EdTech program i-squared for June 10, 2010.

Watch for more details here and at our twitter, facebook, website and electronic mail portals.

The Timeline follows:

June 3: Youthspeaks Nashville event
June 10: i-squared with TSU and ETSU
June 15: Judging for dmsc govchal 4.0 begins
July 15-16: TSUVa residency: Home and Away

PlayInterrobang: with Microsoft, Smithsonian and Learn and Serve
Evoke challenge: begin May 22, 2010


The tools are cool but the people make the nation.

Always on it,

OTC (Ol Thought Coach)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Antediluvia. Now.

OK Nashville is beyond capacity to describe. wild, warped aftermath of 14 inches of rain in two days. roaring creeks swept cars off lots, people to their doom and submerged homes and businesses a half mile inland either side of the cumberland river.

even seeing it does not make you necessarily believe it.

but after the flood comes the rebuilding. a lot of it.

but nashville is the technicolor cartoon in 4/4 time. when it comes to ego, we are professionals.

so it will be built back and the renascence will--mark the words of the ol thought coach--stun all who have the blessing of watching or helping to make it happen.

The Renascence will happen.

DMSC Govchal: Serious game.

Nashville's at stake.

There's a nation at stake.

These are our lives and they are happening right now.

In this world and no other.

The team will take a knee and a quick breather.

The team will collect itself and give support where needed.

And then the team will rededicate to the positive outcome and will surpass even its own expectations.

which are high. which are ambitious.

Which are aspirational and intentional in the best of all possible ways, in the best of all possible worlds.

A serious game.

Hard fun.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dadgummit google password iphone prototype drunk.


just about wore out with the pollen thing. two times in the last two months. it's like a mini-portable flu that hangs like a wet pup tent on your mood, aspect and disposition.

but ol thought coach knows and loves the stones' swooner 'time waits for no one' and understands that portent, fer shur.

so to the tale that writes itself: govchal blast from nash state kicked booty and we are rolling forth with some real cool people engaging the Opp: tedxnashville continues apace and genty stirs the nashville cultural scene, govchal marketing is going great. The whole network is chuggin right along.

we have been approached by reps from university of illinois champagne urbana and will be moving into engaged tech project with grad student: folksonomy for the govchal library of 70 media assets harvested these 4 years hence. we'll metatag them, developing a system for guided research, production, assessment, analytics and publication.

in addition, we'll derive student learning outcomes from each of them as prelude to the full-on virtual institute assessment seminars taking place throughout the summer.

this is some serious value add to the govchal guided system. thinktankinc, cloudcorps, cloudco, IKE: strategies for enhancing existing resources.

and we'll be needing strategies: as will the google guys trying to plug the password dyke after the security breach, as will the one who lost the new iphone prototype in the redwood city bar. drunk, probably. what a hangover. great story, though. prototype sold for 5000.00. jobs calls the company, tweeted. photo of prototype deconstructed by geeks on line.

welcome to middle of the 'cruelest, month, breeding lilacs out of the...." ts eliot.

ol thought coach is a poet of word and number: compessed wisdom in dollops of pith and vinegar, of logos ratio-ed by the quotidian eternity you read about in books. pray about in church and out.

so why DID the SEC ban that cool eyeblack stuff?

over and out,

ol thought coach (otc)